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Civil Litigation

Personal Injury Claims and Medical Negligence Claims are a core part of our business. We have successfully represented clients who have sustained injuries, some very severe, following road traffic accidents, trips and slips on the public highway, in work related accidents and in public premises. We also deal with fatal accident claims. We successfully negotiate settlements in the vast majority of cases without the need for the client to have to face the prospect of a hearing in court. On the rare occasions when court proceedings are required to establish liability and the level of compensation, we guide our clients through every step of the process. Clients are always assured that we endeavour to secure the highest level of compensation possible in such cases.

Medical Negligence cases can often be the most difficult and challenging, not just from a legal point of view but also for our clients. Clients are often troubled at the prospect of challenging a GP, a Consultant, a Hospital or any other medical professional in relation to a diagnosis or treatment received that fell below the standard required. We recognise this. We advise and represent clients and, in appropriate cases, try to negotiate settlements with medical defence insurance companies, so that, if possible, court proceedings can be avoided. When court proceedings are required, we provide quality legal representation in the High Court where such cases are dealt with.

We have successfully represented clients in cases against GPs, Dentists, Consultants and Hospital Trusts, including cases where clients have unfortunately had catastrophic outcomes due to negligent medical treatment. We recognise that medical negligence cases must be dealt with sensitively and with compassion and it is with this approach that we assist and represent our clients in this particularly difficult area of law.